Hospital in India – Boon or Bane?

Wow.. This is actually a very good platform for my views or should I say a platform to vent out my anger ?? I guess it is both. Somethings could not be explained that easily. Life is that complicated like, let’s say India itself.

Hospitals.. When I say the word, first thing that will come to your mind would be the bill amount that you have to pay to it. May be if you are an youngster, then you might think of the nurses or if you are elderly person then you might think of your diseases and last days of life. Lets stick to the majority of rationally thinking people. Why is that ?? Aren’t Health and Education supposed to be given by Government to their citizens at cheaper cost? Especially Education!! Man oh man.. Frustrating to watch a parent pay 1 Lakh for LKG.. Yeah you are right.. 1 Lakh for a kinder garden baby. Well lets keep this topic for another day.

Back to healthcare, Government’s idea of privatization could have been really for the welfare of people or just to fill their own pockets in various other methods. But seeing current situation, every Indian citizen asks a question to himself (may be except the stake holder and their family of these hospitals), “Why don’t government interfere in this??”

Well they aren’t interfering and they wouldn’t interfere. For a fact they are giving permissions for newly opening hospitals even now. Now the next question would be “Why can’t government provide these features in their hospitals??”.. Yes they can and they do offer maximum services similar to private hospitals in it. But why aren’t government hospitals still preferred? One main reason is because of the ambience that they provide.


Like I said, photo proves that the ambience is a major factor. But this ambience has its price to be paid. For example, a heart surgery in government hospital costs 75000 to 1 lakh whereas in private hospitals it would be 2 to 2.25 Lakhs. Air conditioners, fridge, televisions and what else do you want?? All necessary features will be given. In fact a five star hotel might lose in competing to these hospital rooms for the ambience provided. But at slightly higher price and a disease. As if patients are tourists.

Now that comparison are known, why do people still go to private hospitals? It is due to their socioeconomic class and status. A misconception that people visiting government hospitals are poor runs among people of India. For a fact, its actually true. Poor people don’t have the luxury and they aren’t fools to spend their money lavishly in a private hospital for a similar medical service provided by a government hospital.

This ambience is possible in private hospitals because of the foreign investments in it. Millionaires of India and other countries invest in this and consider this as a business. Well, what do you expect from a businessman? He’ll definitely look for his profit than anything else. That is what happening in India. If you go in for a small scratch in your hand, you will have to pay a bill of, lets say  a minimum of 5000 with X-rays and scans and even a whole body check up. If you are a male with a fat belly, be careful when you enter a hospital because you might be taken inside ICU for caesarean looking out for babies. On the other hand Government hospitals runs on the tax money paid by these hospital owners. But do they pay ?? Another topic that can be discussed later.

On a contrary to every things said above, do you really think English medicines are necessary to India? India has a huge heritage of medicine in it. The herbal medicines are pure without any side effects and it purely cures the disease unlike English medicine which only suppresses the disease or problem for time being and giving additional benefits of side effects. Herbal medicine takes its time whereas English medicine takes less time. Our fast moving life culture has made us prefer the latter. It is slowly killing the medicinal heritage of India. At this rate, at one point India is gonna lose whole of its culture to westernization. Hope it does not happens. Now “Is hospitals in India- boon or bane”. I’ll leave it to your logical mind.




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